Head Message

Message from Ir Prof. Y.L. Wong, Acting Head of Department of Civil Engineering

It was my honour to be appointed as the acting head of the Department of Civil Engineering. The Department of Civil Engineering has been established at Chu Hai College of Higher Education since 1949, and now the move of the College to the new campus marked the start of a new era, whereby students not only have access to newer and better facilities, but also the unique opportunity to learn from industry expert professionals, who graciously accepted to be Adjunct Professors of our Department. Besides classroom teaching, our curriculum also involves site visits and summer industrial working internship to enhance our students’ exposure to the construction industry. The academic staff are encouraged to actively participate in research development and professional service to the industry. I believe that it is important for an academic staff to not only teach fundamental concepts straight out of the textbook, but also share his/her research and practical industry knowledge since civil engineering is an application-orientated profession.

At Chu Hai College of Higher Education, we aspire to cultivate a learning environment where students are exposed to all dimensions of civil engineering, with equal emphasises placed on textbook learning and establishing networks with the industry to keep up to date with current trends. With an expectation from our esteemed staff to be involved in research, community and professional service, I am confident that our graduates are competent in applying their conceptual engineering knowledge to practical work and give back to society.

Ir Prof. WONG, Yuk Lung