Profile of Dr. LI Xiaoqiong, Natalie

Dr. LI Xiaoqiong, Natalie
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering


Academic qualifications

  • Ph.D., Tianjin University, 2018
  • B. Eng, Tianjin University, 2011


Professional/Scholarly Activity

  • Visiting Researcher – University of Bristol, UK (2015-2016)



  • Xiaoqiong LI, Ronald Chun Yu LAM, Louis Chi Hung LAM. (2020). Influence of the eccentric loading on falsework frames and IoT enabled monitoring scheme. To be submitted.
  • Xiaoqiong Li, Louis Lam. (2020). Influence of the pier heights on the seismic response of large rigid frame bridges in mountain regions [C]. Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)(ISSN: 1757-8981). ICCASE 2020, Shenzhen, China.
  • C.Y. Lam, L.C.H. Lam, N.X. Li, D.L.M. Chu and P.K.K. Lee. (2019). IoT Enabled Falsework Monitoring System for Construction Safety Enhancement [C]. The 2019 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI’19). Las Vegas, USA.
  • Ning LI, Zhong-Xian LI, Xiaoqiong LI. (2018). Ductility optimization based collapse resistance design of multi-span bridges considering spatially variable ground motions C’. 16th European conference on earthquake engineering (16ECEE). Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Xiaoqiong Li, Zhongxian LI, Adam Crewe. (2018). Nonlinear seismic analysis of a high-pier, long-span, continuous rigid frame bridge under spatially variable ground motions [J]. Soil Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering.Vol. 114: 298-312.
  • Zhongxian LI, Xiaoqiong LI, Qiuhong ZHAO. (2017). Simulation of multi-support and multi-component spatially variable ground motions [C]. 16th World Conference on Earthquake, Santiago Chile, January 9th to 13th 2017. Paper N° 4501.
  • LI Xiaoqiong, LI Zhongxian. (2014). Seismic Response Analysis of Station-tunnel Transition Section Structure [J]. Journal of Beijing University of Technology. Vol. 40(8): 1213-1218.
  • LI Zhongxian, LI Xiaoqiong, LI Ning. (2014). Simulation of multi-point and multi-dimension spatially correlated earthquake ground motions [J]. Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Dynamics. Vol. 34(4): 64-72.


Industrial and related experience

  • Façade Engineer, VS-A HK Ltd., Hong Kong (2018-2019)


Research Interest

  • Spatially variable ground motions simulation;
  • Structural modelling using finite element;
  • Seismic and Fragility analysis of structures;
  • Ductility optimization of bridges;
  • Façade engineering and design;
  • IoT application in scaffold system