‘i-Hub’ Guided Tour by CIC

An educational tour to Construction Industry Council (CIC) Exhibition Hub was successfully held on 20 October 2021 (Wednesday). There were 25 students in total joined this tour. The objective of the tour was to let our students gain an insight into the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) enabled modern construction practices, Advanced Eco-Building Designs and Innovative Technologies. Our students visited four of the exhibition centres in CIC Construction Exhibition Hub: CITAC, Zero Carbon Park, MiC Resource Centre and BIM Space. Through the tour, they learnt about the innovative construction technology and the latest development in the industry such as BIM, Modular Integrated Construction and the application of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. It also enhanced their knowledge in the importance of green-building design, beyond the industry, and into the community by visiting the first zero-carbon building in Hong Kong. This tour provided an opportunity for the students to closely interact with the emerging technology, opening new avenues for the state-of-the-art knowledge sharing.