Title/Name E-mail Tel. Room Academic Unit
Head of Department and Professor
Ir Prof. LAM Chi Hung, Louis 2972‑7316 E501 Civil, Structural, Materials, Buildings
Ir Prof. CHAN Kwok Wong, John 2972‑7278 E501 Civil, Structural, Materials, Buildings, Fire, Earthquake Engineering
Ir Prof. WONG Yuk Lung 2972‑7314 E501 Civil, Structural, Buildings, Construction management, Geotechnical Engineering
Adjunct Professor
Ir Prof. FUNG Chak Tin E501 Bridge Engineering
Ir Prof. NG Chun Keung E501 Building Information Modelling
Ir Prof. TSUI Hon Wong, Terry E501 Fire Engineering
Visiting Professor
Ir Prof. KOENIG Albert E501 Environmental Engineering
Ir Prof. Amithirigala Widhanelage JAYAWARDENA E501 Hydrology and Water Resources
Associate Professor
Ir KWOK Chi Tak, Philip 2972-7441 E501 Building, Structural and Construction Management
Mr. LAM Ronald Chun Yu 2972-7436 G03 Innovation and Technology
Assistant Professor
Dr. CHU Lok Man, Dave 2972‑7315 E501 Civil, Soil, Geotechnical Engineering
Dr. LEE Siu Lan, Celine 2972‑7309 E501 Environmental Engineering
  Dr. LI Xiaoqiong, Natalie 2972-7299 E501 Structural Engineering
Dr. PENG Yixin, Yan 2972-7313 E501 Structural Engineering
Dr. YANG Yi 2972‑7311 E501 Geotechnical Engineering
Ir AU Lap Kei Bosco E501 Maintenance Technology and Management
Ir CHENG Chi Wai, George E501 Construction Management, Construction Contracts and Quantity Surveying
Ir LAW Chi Wai E501 Structural Engineering
Ir Prof. LIU Kwok Chuen, Henry E501 Transportation Engineering
Mr. WONG Kwok Wah E501 Surveying
  Mr. YU Tak Kwong E501 Surveying