Innovation GPS (創科導航): UV-C VentGuard

The Department of Civil Engineering, together with The Urban Renewal Authority, have been invited by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to be the guests of its programme ‘Innovation GPS (創科導航)’ and introduce our research project, UV-C VentGuard.

UV-C VentGuard is a Smart IoT Ventilating Pipe Sanitisation Device which disinfects the air from the ventilating pipe continuously, preventing pathogens from spreading and neutralizing aerosols.

The Research and Development Team of UV-C VentGuard Ventilating Pipe Sanitisation Device is explaining how COVID-19 virus can spread via the top opening of a ventilating pipe when wind blows across the opening.

Members of the Research and Development Team:
Professor TANG Chiu Kay (Vice President – Academic)
Ir Professor Louis LAM (Head of Department of Civil Engineering)
Professor Ronald LAM (Associate Professor of Department of Civil Engineering)

The programme will be broadcasted on TVB Finance & Information Channel on 8 June 2022 (Wed) at 9:30 p.m.