Our Structural, Construction Materials, and Surveying Laboratory is equipped with modern and high-tech testing machines/equipment for conducting destructive and non-destructive testing of construction materials such as fresh/hardened concrete, steel and asphalt for assessing their physical and mechanical properties. The laboratory also provides facilities for testing aggregates, cement, admixtures, as well as structural components and assemblies including reinforced concrete and steel beams.

Beam Testing System (500kN)

The beam testing equipment is capable of conducting static and dynamic load testing for structural components. Steel beam and reinforced concrete beam, either in small or full size model, can be tested.

Concrete Testing Machine (3000kN)

The equipment is used to test concrete cubes, and cylinders in accordance with local and other International Testing Standards.

The machine has a 3000 kN capacity and an automatic control unit to perform tests on materials with different strengths and sizes.

Universal Testing Machine (1000kN)

The Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of steel reinforcement or bars. Load and displacement curve can be plotted through data logging system.

Marshall Mix Design/Tests Equipment

The Marshall Mixture Design/Test Equipment can determine the optimum asphalt binder content to satisfy minimum stability and range of flow values.