Our Environmental Laboratory is a well-established laboratory in providing environmental engineering study in Department of Civil Engineering, Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

The lab is fully equipped with standard equipment for performing routine environmental analysis (pH, DO, conductivity, salinity, bacteria, etc.), water quality investigation (PMs, NOx, O3, CO, etc.), indoor and ambient air quality identification, and monitoring noise level with calibrated noise meters.

In addition, numerous water and wastewater treatment models are available for teaching purpose.


Indoor and ambient air quality study

Dust-trak monitor, Q-Trak monitor, TVOCs PID monitor, Radon monitor, Formaldehyde monitor are utilized for conducting IAQ experiment.

Trace level SO2, NOx and CO analyzer is used for measuring ambient gaseous pollutants concentration.

Mini-volume sampler is used to collect PM10 or PM2.5 samples.


Water quality study

Water filtration system, DO and pH meter and YSI pro plus analyzer are utilized for measuring suspended particles, dissolved particles, dissolved oxygen, pH level, salinity, conductivity in water.


Water and wastewater treatment model

Separation in sedimentation tank is used to demonstrate sedimentation process in water treatment. Precipitation and flocculation device can be used to demonstrate precipitation and flocculation in continuous operation and under very realistic condition in water treatment process.


Noise level monitor

Sound meters are used to detect sound level in construction site and roadside with high intensity traffic flow.


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