Message from Ir Prof. Joseph Y W Mak, Head of Department of Civil Engineering


It is my pleasure and honour to join the family of Chu Hai as Department Head of Civil Engineering starting July 2017, after many years working in the Hong Kong Housing Authority as a Chief Engineer.  I do sincerely wish to dedicate my time and effort to help nurture our younger generation who have the passion and drive to join the civil engineering profession contributing to the society at large.

With the move into our new campus in 2016, our Department is now taking shape both in terms of the hardware facilities like the laboratories, lecture rooms, and IT provisions and software like a comprehensive teaching team.  In respect of laboratories, we now have a wide coverage including the concrete, steel, material mechanics, soil mechanics, hydraulic, environmental and internet of things laboratories.  In respect of teaching staff, not only do we have a core team of full time staff teaching the essential subjects in civil engineering, but we also have a strong team of part-time expert staff with specialized knowledge and experience.  Our expert staff teach subjects like project and construction management, construction contract and quantity surveying, construction technology, IT applications in construction, quality assurance and audits, bridge engineering, fire engineering, transportation and maintenance technology and management.

Currently our civil engineering degree is a government recognized honourary university degree. We are now pursuing to gain the accreditation of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) so that our graduate could shorten the time to become a professional engineer from 6 years to 4 years.  With our aforesaid adequate provision of facilities and staff, we are confident that we can attain this accreditation very soon.

Lastly, my best wishes to all our students in the Civil Engineering Department. Do enjoy your university life and equip yourselves for your wonderful career ahead.


Ir Prof. Joseph Mak Yiu Wing